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'Cracking the Code' by Pete Hendrickson

Pete Hendrickson has literally 'cracked the Internal Revenue Code' by performing exhaustive searches to discover that Private Sector receipts are not subject to Federal Income taxes - this is huge! His information has helped readers to receive over $9 million in refunds from the IRS.

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      • johnthetaxistjohnthetaxist commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Don't Let the EU or Martin Armstrong Scare You Out of Gold, Silver or Bitcoin

        The REAL reason behind the attacks in France is emerging as the EU is attempting to close all alternatives to their "One Currency World"...

        EU clamps down on bitcoin, anonymous payments to curb terrorism funding

        European Union countries plan a crackdown on virtual currencies and anonymous payments made online and via pre-paid cards in a bid to tackle terrorism financing after the Paris attacks, a draft document seen by Reuters said.

        EU interior and justice ministers will gather in Brussels on Friday for a crisis meeting called after the Paris carnage of last weekend.

        They will urge the European Commission, the EU executive arm, to propose measures to "strengthen controls of non-banking payment methods such as electronic/anonymous payments and virtual currencies and transfers of gold, precious metals, by pre-paid cards," draft conclusions of the meeting said.


        And then this from Martin Armstrong who completely MISSES on the reason the EU wants to crack down on Bitcon...


        "European Union countries are of course using terrorism as the excuse to now crackdown on any virtual currency claiming that anonymous payments made online and via pre-paid cards "can" be used by terrorists without any proof they even know how to use such currencies. The EU is using terrorism to crackdown on taxes without admitting that is really what they are after."

        Interesting but not the real reason given by Armstrong...again. I believe he knows the potential for bitcoin but tries to play it down like he does with gold and silver.

        The governments are not cracking down on bitcoin down for taxes. They don't want to give any country in Europe an ALTERNATIVE to the Euro. Had Bitcoin been widely adopted in Greece they would have told the EU to F-off.

        My thoughts:

        1) The EU may try but cannot control Bitcoin as it has no issuing country and knows no borders.

        2) The EU will have NO POWER after the inevitable breakup of their Euro currency.

        3) It seems clear now that the Bad Guy are playing their last card...the WAR card so stay low and stay safe.

        4) All hell is about to break loose in the European Derivative markets so look out as it will spread rapidly.

        That's my take on the "situation" in the Europe Monetary System.

        If everyone held Bitcoin then the people would have viable options.

        But they don't.

      • JohntheConnoristJohntheConnorist commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        I think it's time for us all to start calling jonhthetaxist the cabal instead of a Patriot; we should start telling it like it is. johnthetaxist is no patriot nor ctcwarrior ~Anus

      • johnthetaxistjohnthetaxist commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        I think it's time for us all to start calling ISIS the cabal instead of the Islamic State; we should start telling it like it is. ISIS is no more Islamic than I am, and I'm not. ~Ann

      • johnthetaxistjohnthetaxist commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        “Let us start with an historical precedent. On August 31, 1939, Hitler’s agents, led by a fake Pole named Alfred Naujocks, attacked the radio station in Gleiwitz, Germany, in order to frame Poland to justify Hitler's planned invasion. Naujocks even took along a known Polish sympathizer, Franciszek Honiok, killed him and left the body as “proof” that Poland was behind the attack.

        Occam's Razor: Among competing hypotheses, the one that is simplest is usually correct.

        Applied to the Paris "terrorists", it means that we are seeing the face of another war-starting hoax. "Ibrahim Abdeslam ran a bar (alcohol is banned by Islam). Hasna Ait Boulahcen, initially vilified in the media as the first female suicide bomber was a "party girl" who sexted nude pictures of herself in bubble baths! (Paris Police now admit she was not a suicide bomber) Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the accused mastermind did drugs and was seeing calmly drinking whiskey shortly after the Paris attacks.

        Family and friends of all the named terrorists continue to report these were not strongly religious people, if religious at all. In short, these were not people likely to take it upon themselves to commit acts of terror, but like Franciszek Honiok are convenient dead bodies to be used for propaganda purposes.

        History repeats! Paris is a replay of Gleiwitz, and of every other hoax ever used by rulers to send their people off to conquer the wealth of their nations.”
        - Michael Rivero

      • johnthetaxistjohnthetaxist commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Congress vs The Fed in Bailout Showdown

        Best way to get rid of the Bad Guys is to allow the banks to fail during the next economic crash. Yes, everyone would lose everything they have in the current system but there are many, many benefits for a total and complete collapse. Here's a short list:

        - ALL the People would finally wake up to the reality of un-backed fiat money and the corrupt system we live in when they go to their ATM's and see that their money is gone.

        - The Bad Guys will lose their power because they rely on the unbacked monetary creation mechanisms.

        - The gap between the wealthy and the poor would shrink overnight.

        - Depending on how a new monetary system is allocated, the small % of wealthy will be brought back down to realistic means and the majority of We The People would be infinitely better off and hopeful of a new future.

        - The Road forward would be cleared and a new understanding of money, society and liberty will take hold.

        It may be painful to get to the end point but to continue down our current path, which the majority of humanity is suffering, is only a Road to Destruction in the END.

        Having said that Congress and The Federal Reserve are fighting as we speak about that very issue and it will come to a head in the next few weeks...

        Another AIG-Style Fed Bailout Is About to Become Less Likely

        The Federal Reserve is on the verge of relinquishing the tools it used to rescue American International Group Inc. and Bear Stearns Cos. That probably won't appease lawmakers who've said they're still concerned the central bank might abuse its powers as the lender of last resort.

        The Fed is required to write rules that eliminate some of its sweeping emergency lending authority and plans to complete the long-delayed regulations by the end of this month. The measure stems from the 2010 Dodd-Frank law, which limited the Fed's ability to prop up banks.

        Warren and other lawmakers argue the expectation that the Fed will rescue failing banks, incentivizes reckless behavior on Wall Street. Lawmakers also are trying to shrink the number of banks that receive heightened supervision from the Fed and are threatening to boost Congress' authority over the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, which oversees giant U.S. lenders such as JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Citigroup Inc. Republicans led by Senate Banking Committee Chairman Richard Shelby want the Fed to disclose more information about its decisions on setting interest rates.

        "The Fed is trying to preserve as much of its power as it can, in part because that's what institutions do, but also because they believe they should retain flexibility" to stabilize the banking system in a crisis, said Satish Kini, chair of the banking group at law firm Debevoise & Plimpton LLP and a former lawyer at the Fed.

        Now the Fed is prohibited from rescuing individual firms, but Dodd-Frank permits the central bank to provide "broad-based" liquidity to the financial system if it gets the approval of the Treasury secretary. The Fed can continue to lend through the discount window, where banks borrow when money is tight, and it can increase liquidity by purchasing U.S. Treasuries and federal agency securities.

        Though Dodd-Frank laid out the basic emergency lending restrictions, the Fed has to write the policies and procedures. Its December 2013 proposal was criticized by 15 lawmakers who told Yellen in a letter that the plan "places no meaningful restrictions on its emergency lending powers." The group was led by Warren of Massachusetts and Republican Senator David Vitter of Louisiana.

        Yellen has indicated that she might partly, but not entirely, appease the politicians. The Fed expects to release the final rule by the end of November and will address "concerns about the definition of broad-based eligibility, insolvent borrowers, and penalty rates," she told the House panel. She didn't discuss the lawmakers' other requests.

        Yellen also must contend with Republican efforts led by Shelby to limit the Fed's authority. Legislation he drafted that would reduce Fed oversight of regional banks, including eliminating stress tests for many of them, was added to a spending bill that Congress must pass next month to avert a federal government shutdown.


        Of course this is not a real fight as the plans are in place to make the transition and everything is coming into place for the end of the game. IF we start to see more publicly displayed instances of fraud, deceit and deception in the banking/finance system over the next few weeks you can bet that Congress will get their way and the Fed will be helpless to preserve it's power.


      • johnthetaxistjohnthetaxist commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        U.S. Targets RBS, J.P. Morgan Executives in Criminal Probes

        WASHINGTON--Federal prosecutors are actively pursuing criminal cases against executives from Royal Bank of Scotland Group PLC and J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. for allegedly selling flawed mortgage securities, people familiar with the probes said, as the clock ticks down for bringing cases from the 2008 financial crisis.

        Officials are working to establish that the bankers ignored warnings from associates that they were packaging too many shaky mortgages into investment offerings and are weighing whether they can prove that constituted fraud, the people said.

        At RBS, prosecutors are scrutinizing a $2.2 billion deal that repackaged home mortgages into bonds in 2007, the people said. In a 2013 civil settlement with RBS, the Securities and Exchange Commission described the lead banker on that deal, whom it didn't name, as trying to push it through over concerns of the diligence department.

        At J.P. Morgan, prosecutors are focusing on two people who worked on a different residential-mortgage deal, the people said.

        J.P. Morgan noted the existence of a criminal probe in a Nov. 2 quarterly securities filing. A spokesman declined to comment beyond that document.


        It's shaping up to be a SHOW DOWN at the OK Corral by the end of the year!

      • johnthetaxistjohnthetaxist commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate


        In my forum travels I have observed many different agent personalities & personas. Now I'd like to describe the Top-Poster type of persona. The Cabal will send at least one of these infiltrators to every forum they perceive as dangerous. "Brainysmurf" was the Top-Poster agent at Pete's LostHorizons forum (now closed). They stand out with their frequent posts - it's like they're obligated to get into almost every thread.

        To be successful the Top-Poster must learn what the forum is all about and then mimic it. He/she must discover what makes the Admin & Users tick and then act like one of them in order to blend in. A chameleon. Why? To build up a base of credibility & trust for ...
        THE PAYLOAD! What's a payload? That's the disinfo. It would appear the goal is to build up a bully pulpit and then use it to infect the reader's mind.
        Here's a real payload posted 9/22/15:

        "Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are backdoors for moving money out of one jurisdiction and into another. The traditional banks benefit greatly from them."


        First of all, bitcoin is a scarce digital commodity (money) and a software protocol for moving that money around. The agent's payload consists of only two sentences. Let's examine each.

        1) He could have posted: "Bitcoin & other crypocurrencies are great for moving money out of one place and into another." And that would be true; I'd agree with that. I can send (or receive) bitcoin to folks around the globe.
        But he didn't say that; he introduced the term "backdoor" which has a negative flavor. One word has turned around the whole sentence. "Backdoor" today commonly refers to a hidden entrance built into software. For example, Microsoft Windows is suspected of containing a backdoor for government (NSA) to eavesdrop and access user data. We don't know for certain because Windows is closed-source, proprietary software. On the other hand, Bitcoin is OPEN-SOURCE software and contains NO backdoor. We'd know if it had one because anyone can read the code and see what's going on (no backdoor).
        Therefore sentence 1 is incorrect; there is no backdoor in bitcoin. The sentence is disinformation. It's designed to either confuse or portray bitcoin in a negative light. It's a lie.

        2) "The traditional banks benefit greatly from them." This is demonstrably false. Bitcoin totally bypasses banks & the banking system; how can banks profit or benefit? With bitcoin you're zapping money (bitcoin) directly from bitcoin wallet to bitcoin wallet over the network. It can't be stopped (short of shutting down the 'net). And bitcoin has never been cracked; that is - no one has ever hacked more bitcoin into existence. And the verifiable blockchain contains the entire transaction ledger. With bitcoin you operate outside banks, outside the Federal Reserve districts, outside municipal/METRO.
        Therefore sentence 2 is incorrect. It's disinformation. It's designed to harness anti-bank sentiment to turn the uninformed away from bitcoin. It's a lie. Banks hate bitcoin! And the agent has also revealed who he's working for -- the traditional banks!

        The agent hopes the onlooker will take his long posting career (of truth mixed with BS) as a source of trust so onlooker will believe his disinfo. Not gonna happen. It's laughable.

      • johnthetaxistjohnthetaxist commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Get Ready for Crazy

        Recently, the Honduras homes and businesses of the family of Jaime Rosenthal were raided by the Honduran government. The properties themselves were seized and other assets taken. The family-owned bank was also seized and has been forced into liquidation, creating potential financial crisis for its 220,000 clients.

        Throngs of angry clients, unable to go about their personal and professional business, have blocked surrounding streets, demanding the release of their savings.

        In response, the government has promised that each depositor will have the opportunity to withdraw up to US$9,600 from other banks, beginning with the smallest depositors.

        At first glance, those of us who live in the First World may regard this sort of crazy seizure as typical Third World governmental behaviour, but, in recent years, the First World has been changing. We’ve witnessed banks and governments confiscating depositors’ funds, increasing capital controls, and instituting asset forfeiture laws that have turned police departments into looters. They’ve created dramatically increased powers for all authorities, leading the populace to live in fear of detention or arrest for the smallest perceived infraction.

        Some First World governments have taken a decidedly Third World turn.

        And in this instance we see an ironic twist: The raids in Third World Honduras were a direct result of the legalised shakedowns that are occurring in the First World.

      • johnthetaxistjohnthetaxist commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Silver Rigging Ringleader Getting CRUSHED Again!

        Just when you thought Marc Rich's legacy company would slip back into the shadows, Glencore PLC got HAMMERED today losing 7.6% with nothing but bad news on the horizon...

        Glencore Shares Skid as Metals Slump

        Shares of Glencore PLC and other large miners plunged anew on Thursday, as a slump in copper prices revived worries about companies’ ability to shoulder large debt loads.

        Glencore’s stock fell 7.6% to close below £1 for the first time in more than a month, bringing losses to 24% over the last six trading sessions.

        The renewed weakness in the Swiss miner’s shares is a sign that investors are again jittery about the company’s ability to pay down billions in debt amid what many analysts say is likely to be a prolonged decline in commodity prices. Copper, which is Glencore’s main earnings driver, sank to a fresh six-year low on Thursday.

        The selloff is stoking worries of a repeat of a late-September rout, when Glencore’s shares plummeted nearly 30% in one day. The shocking dive forced Glencore to take several actions to shore up its balance sheet and investor confidence.


        Yes, this is a very good marker for the next BIG leg down in the Global Monetary Meltdown that started in August. This is all totally planned and orchestrated by the US Treasury and the FED in order to destroy the Fed Res dollar and take the Bad Guys down. There will be no rate hike in December...they WANT the dollar to collapse to reboot the system and wash away the crimes!

        Watch for a Glencore credit rating downgrade to really trigger some of those "structured derivatives" that Glencore, Trafigura and Deutsche Bank love to play with.

        Hold on tight!

      • johnthetaxistjohnthetaxist commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        The Silver Wheaton Conspiracy Continues

        The silver royalty/streaming company Silver Wheaton is a CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE. They have nothing to do with PHYSICAL SILVER and everything to do with supporting the silver derivative markets and hiding the secret hedging by the Bad Guy silver producers like Barrick. It's a con.

        If you own any Silver Wheaton shares you are part of the problem.


        Their latest attempt to save the banking cabal is an agreement with Glencore to hand them $900M which helped them hide another huge $154M loss in Peru. Here was the announcement.

        Silver Wheaton Reports Lower Adjusted Profit, Record Output, Streaming Deal

        (Kitco News) - Silver Wheaton Corp. (TSX, NYSE: SLW), a Vancouver-based silver streaming company, reported a smaller third-quarter adjusted profit than a year ago amid lower prices for metals, even though production rose to a record level for the third quarter in a row.

        The company also announced a new streaming agreement with a Glencore Plc. subsidiary for the Antamina Mine in Peru.

        After the stock market closed Tuesday, Silver Wheaton reported adjusted earnings of $49.8 million, or 12 cents per share. This was down from $72.6 million, or 20 cents, in the third quarter of 2014.

        During the three months ended Sept. 30, Silver Wheaton took an impairment charge of $154 million related to its interest in silver and gold at the 777 mine in Canada. In 2012, Silver Wheaton entered into an agreement with Hudbay Minerals Inc. to acquire 100% of the silver and gold production from the 777 mineuntil the end of 2016, and 100% of the silver and 50% of the gold production for the remainder of the mine life. However, during the third quarter, Silver Wheaton officials said they were informed that as a result of an unsuccessful drilling program at 777, Hudbay's management believes that the mine life is unlikely to be extended beyond 2020, leading to the impairment charge.

        Including the after-tax impact of the impairment, Silver Wheaton reported a net loss in the third quarter of $95.9 million, or 24 cents per share, compared with net earnings of $4.5 million, or a penny, in the same period of 2014.


        In summary - Silver Wheaton is paid in silver derivatives and NEVER touches an ounce of physical silver. These silver derivatives facilitate the "naked shorting" and give the price riggers an excuse to hedge which otherwise would be frowned upon by the investing Sheeple.

        It's a CON my friends and you'd better wake up to the game.

      • jesse jamesjesse james commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Yeah...that's the same johnthetaxist who has lied about his "success". Hes openly admitted that he has a few companies that deal with each other. By doing so he can control his "reporting" which he has openly admitted that he doesn't report to the SSA or IRS.
        By doing so the government cannot accurately assess any tax. And of course he uses this as his "success". Lawful money has nothing at all to do with taxes as the government assess gains which can be in the form of just about anything including the value of land, assets or gold and silver.
        Theres even a case where a guy paid his employees in gold and silver to evade taxes but that didn't work either because even though the gold and was under the 600.00 mark it was still reported to the Social Security Administration to credit the SS accounts which is where the heart of taxes (reporting) starts.
        johnthetaxists is just a fool that even David Merrill Vanpelt rejected him and banned him from that site...hes been banned everywhere and ran off many sites.

        Hes a blowhard fool!

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