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'Cracking the Code' by Pete Hendrickson

Pete Hendrickson has literally 'cracked the Internal Revenue Code' by performing exhaustive searches to discover that Private Sector receipts are not subject to Federal Income taxes - this is huge! His information has helped readers to receive over $9 million in refunds from the IRS.

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      • johnthetaxistjohnthetaxist commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Today marks the end of the fiscal year for the United States. Tomorrow the game starts all over but there is NOTHING in the way of the Global Monetary Meltdown now.

        Silver is being slammed down with MASSIVE paper contracts today that The Cabal does not plan to cover...ever!

        This is the End Game so stay on the sidelines with Physical Metal in your hand.

        A good day to head over to your local coins shop or you can call my friends at Miles Franklin (800) 822-8080 and load up.

        By the end of the year you will see Silver FREELY traded...if the system is still functioning!

        For the non-believers...Here's what the Fed Boston said about this moment in time many years ago in their original Road to Roota Teachers Guide...

        "The fact that Pebbleton will never be the same following the appearance of the colored flowers seems clear."

        "On the basis of what we know about economics and the way societies tend to react to the scarcity of important resources, is it possible to predict what changes are likely to occur?"

        "The mayor of Pebbleton announces that, since the colored flowers are so rare and valuable, they are going to be used as money, with petals for change. Is this a good idea?"

        "Has this analysis of the social and economic implications of Wishes and Rainbows overstretched the metaphor? For anyone who may think so, we call attention to the market for tulips in seventeenth-century Holland."


        Stay strong & have Faith my friends...this has been planned for a very, very long time.

      • BrainySmurf76BrainySmurf76 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Yeah I'm thinking so. I'm sure after posting blatantly in the Glaring Omission page 8 that he endorses Lawful Money and a link to Savingtosuitor or whatever that is.

      • johnthetaxistjohnthetaxist commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        I'm pleased to announce my victory as a NONTAXPAYER. What began in 2008 when I first picked up Pete's CRACKING THE CODE has coalesced into a permanent 7 year victory over the banksters' legalized SCAM known as the IRS' Federal Income Tax. In the face of several federal 1099 "info reports" I've received no communication from the IRS other than full refunds. I became a student of David Merrill, made a demand for LAWFUL MONEY according to law, and it's made all the difference. I have seen a total of 5 LAWFUL MONEY federal tax filings (unredacted docs with my own eyes) and each received the requested abatement or refund. I can testify to that.
        My success has also been validated by Famspear & Dan Evan's ridicule/disinfo and their many Quatloser personas (like BrainySmurf76, craneman, jessejames, TallyGator, etc) all over the internet. The lesson is plain .....

        1. learn your identity (is not the fictional LEGAL NAME trust/person)
        2. keep the record. Necessary to hold liars (like BrainySnurf76) accountable.
        3. demand lawful money. see Title 12 USC § 411 http://ctcwarrior.com/slavefree.jpg

      • johnthetaxistjohnthetaxist commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Alan Greenspan's Admission

        A main focus of the Road to Roota articles has to do with identifying the SOURCE of these cryptic comics that came out of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston and the source of gold and silver manipulation. For those of you who haven't taken a stroll down the rabbit hole here you go...

        The Road to Roota Theory

        Greenspan's Golden Secret

        So if it was Alan Greenspan that wrote the very first computer programs back in the 1960's and 1970's as I hypothesized in January 2007, how come nobody ever talks about it? Why aren't people putting two and two together when it comes to high frequency trading and the man who CREATED and subsequently DESTROYED our electronic monetary system?

        Still don't believe the Greenspan/Computer Programming connection. How about hearing it from his own mouth in 1998 when dealing with the Y2K issues?!

        "I'm one of the culprits who created this problem. I used to write those programs back in the 1960s and 1970s, and was proud of the fact that I was able to squeeze a few elements of space out of my program by not having to put a 19 before the year. Back then, it was very important. We used to spend a lot of time running through various mathematical exercises before we started to write our programs so that they could be very clearly delimited with respect to space and the use of capacity. It never entered our minds that those programs would have lasted for more than a few years. As a consequence, they are very poorly documented. If I were to go back and look at some of the programs I wrote 30 years ago, I would have one terribly difficult time working my way through step-by-step."

        --Alan Greenspan, 1998

        *Testimony by Alan Greenspan, ex-Chairman of the Federal Reserve before the Senate Banking Committee, 25 February 1998, ISBN 978-0-16-057997-4


        Yes, the Road to Roota Theory is very real and very secret.

        And now it is coming to the long foregone conclusion...the destruction of debt based electronic assets!!

      • BrainySmurf76BrainySmurf76 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        I use FRN's to buy oil from places like NAPA. Those rejecting the FRN's might encourage us to get off the foreign tit.

      • johnthetaxistjohnthetaxist commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Jim Willie: The Crash Heard Round the World- Saudis to Reject FRNs for Oil Payments

        "Putin kicked out the Rothschild bankers from his country. Putin interrupted the USGovt heroin trade supply routes out of Afghanistan. Like Abraham Lincoln 150 years ago, the elite banker chambers wish to remove Putin and to suppress Russia, but the sprawling nation has joined at the hip with China. Thus Russia cannot be isolated any more than a bear can be bear hugged. The nation spans 12 time zones and is a top supplier of numerous important commodities. The Russia & China bond is growing and will result in a marriage, the consummation being a baby called the Gold Trade Standard.
        The King Dollar is being displaced, kicked off its throne. Its squire the Petro-Dollar is undergoing demise. The Ukraine War is the USDollar Waterloo event.
        The Saudi rejection of the USD in exclusive oil payments will be the crash heard around the world."


      • BrainySmurf76BrainySmurf76 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        And it's gone. If I have the power to create something from nothing then make it disappear again, you better respect that. Don't make me say "poof".

      • johnthetaxistjohnthetaxist commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Real Physical Gold and Silver Exchanges WILL Kill The Cabal

        The surprise early start of the Shanghai Gold Exchange International Board should have everyone scratching their heads. Why open early? What was happening behind the scenes that forced this early move? Soo many unanswered questions...then again...right after they opened this exchange the US Started bombing Syria so maybe there is a connection there.

        Here's more about the new physical gold exchange...

        China Moves To Dominate Gold Market With Physical Exchange

        Shanghai Gold Exchange International Board

        China is slowly moving to dominate the global gold market and it is important to join the dots regarding a few key recent developments in China relating to gold.

        When the International Board of the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) was launched last Thursday September 18 during an evening trading session, it was notable that the first transactions were put through by a diverse group comprising HSBC, MKS (Switzerland), and the Chinese banks, ICBC, Bank of China and Bank of Communications.

        MKS is the Geneva headquartered precious metals trading group that also owns the large PAMP refinery company in Switzerland.

        There are reportedly 40 international participants signed up to trade on the SGE International Board (SGEI), but the SGE hasn't specifically confirmed the identities of all participants.

        Like the domestic SGE which counts precious metals refineries as members, the SGEI will have a diverse group of trading participants including a number of international refineries as well as bullion banks and trading houses.

        Precious metals refineries Metalor Technologies and Heraeus have confirmed that they will be participants and along with MKS, this represents three of the largest gold refineries in the world.

        International bullion banks who have already announced their participation include ANZ, Standard Chartered and HSBC, and its also known that Standard Bank, JP Morgan and the Bank of Nova Scotia were said to be interested. The Perth Mint was also said to be interested.

        The presence of international refineries and possibly international mints as possible direct participants within SGEI trading should improve liquidity and price discovery on the new international exchange and help it become a serious competitor to the existing duopoly of gold price discovery carried on in the London OTC market and the New York gold futures market.

        One encouraging factor about the SGE and the SGE international platform is that there is a lot of physical gold flowing through the Exchange. Therefore, price discovery is not just based on an inverted pyramid of mostly unallocated gold as in London or mostly cash-traded futures paper gold as in New York.


        I especially like that last line :-) My biggest question about this exchange, if it really is a legitimate physical gold exchange, is WHERE are they going to come up with the gold to fill orders??? The Central Banks and Bullion banks are running on empty so how will they ever get any serious flow of business if you can't supply enough metal to feed the hungry gold buyers?

        I do think this exchange is legit but if it is it will likely close down as suddenly as it opened up.

        Keep and eye on the bouncing gold ball!!

        ...and a friend of silver is keeping his eye on the bouncing SILVER ball too!!!

        Shanghai Silver Stocks Continue To Fall As Silver Eagle Sales Explode Higher

        As the manipulated paper price of silver heads lower, so are the silver inventories as the Shanghai Futures Exchange. The silver stocks hit an all-time low today as the price of silver trades in the $17 range. At the peak, the Shanghai Futures Exchange held 1,143 metric tons of silver. However, today only 7% of that record amount remains.

        ...and then US Silver Eagles are waking up too...

        When the U.S. Mint updated its figures on Monday, sales of Silver Eagles increased 700,000 to over 2.4 million. Then yesterday, another 350,000 were sold for a total of 2,765,000 for the month. That is a BIG NUMBER and probably one of the highest single day sales this year.

        Total sales of Silver Eagles so far this year are 30,911,000. This figure is different from the one in the table above because the U.S. Mint just updated their website to show another 35,000 sold this morning.

        In addition, Gold Eagle sales in September are 45,800 oz and are tied with the second highest month (June) and will probably surpass 50,000 before the end of the week.


        We all know the physical market would trump the paper market...now it is happening!

      • johnthetaxistjohnthetaxist commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        the U.S. government has authorized itself to rig all markets secretly, the U.S. government documents recently disclosed shows that central banks are trading secretly in all major U.S. futures markets ...


      • BrainySmurf76BrainySmurf76 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Harry Reid may do such a thing to look good after his previous actions and most recently the Bundy ranch debacle. So what will an audit do exactly?

      • johnthetaxistjohnthetaxist commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        So it comes down to this....Harry Reid, which 99.99% of the people I talk to think is just another corrupt criminal Senator that was bought and paid for by the Bad Guys, has to bring this Bill up for a vote in the Senate. If he doesn't then the Audit the Fed Bill will die once again. EVERYBODY in our camp is saying that there is no way Reid will let this Bill hit the floor for a vote.

        Of course I think differently :-)

        Yes, Reid has done everything he could possibly do to subvert the Constitution over the past 6 years...it's been obvious to everyone.

        My question comes down to this:

        "Was Harry Reid's past actions part of the Bad Guy's plan or was Harry Reid just helping the Good Guys DELAY the Global Monetary Destruction for a little while?"

        I think the latter.

        Who is right? I think his action on this Audit the Fed Bill vote will be the decider on that one and it will happen BEFORE the end of the year.

        I'm sure he will not bring it to the floor immediately (there are a few more things to get in place) but when all the pieces are in place and the banks start to wobble...watch him FLIP on this one and bring the vote to the Senate floor!

        Should be a VERY interesting few months in America.

        PS - Don't forget that his state, Nevada, holds some of the largest gold and silver deposits in the nation.

      • BrainySmurf76BrainySmurf76 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        100 years you say? Good: I'm a victorious user of FRN's. What started over 100 years ago has coalesced into helping me all my working days. Thanks to D. Merrill for showing me what not to do, I'm a warrior. Also thanks to the trolls or troll with multiple personas, johnthetaxist, I've reversed engineered his spamming. Thank you. JohnTT aka SpamFear.

      • johnthetaxistjohnthetaxist commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Separation of US Treasury and Federal Reserve Begins

        “Today’s passage of the Audit the Fed bill brings us one step closer towards bringing much-needed transparency to our nation’s monetary policy. For the past 100 years, the Federal Reserve, a quasi-government agency, has acted under a veil of secrecy – controlling our monetary policy and thus, our economy."

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