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'Cracking the Code' by Pete Hendrickson

Pete Hendrickson has literally 'cracked the Internal Revenue Code' by performing exhaustive searches to discover that Private Sector receipts are not subject to Federal Income taxes - this is huge! His information has helped readers to receive over $9 million in refunds from the IRS.

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      • BrainySmurf76BrainySmurf76 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        JohnTT lead singer of Limp Wristik sings his hit song:

        Keep trolling trolling trolling
        Move in & move out
        Change names not get found out
        Trolling trolling trolling

      • johnthetaxistjohnthetaxist commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Abolish Cash and Coins or Abolish JP Morgan?

        By the time this game is over YOU will be considered an OUTLAW for the way you are trying to protect your wealth. There is no way around it. "THEY" will be changing the laws to make it illegal to protect yourself. Then you will have a decision to make - stash away your silver and gold coins as well as your cash or hand it all over to the Bad Guys "for the good of the system".

        It's going to be a difficult choice because many of us have always played by their rules and not risked breaking them. Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers and Brick Layers will turn into criminals and outlaws if they don't HAND OVER THEIR WEALTH to the Bad Guys.

        The foundation for the new laws have already begun to take shape...

        The War on Cash

        The War on Cash is heating up. Of course we had Louisiana outlaw paying cash for second hand goods under the pretense that criminals sell stolen goods for cash. France outlawed paying more than €1000 for anything and you cannot get more than €200 from an ATM. JP Morgan Chase is outlawing keeping cash in a safety deposit box. Most bank analysts are now calling for the end of cash. I have been warning that there is no way we are headed toward a gold standard or anything of the sort. We are headed into the eye of electronic money for taxes.


        Citi Economist Says It Might Be Time to Abolish Cash

        The world's central banks have a problem.

        When economic conditions worsen, they react by reducing interest rates in order to stimulate the economy. But, as has happened across the world in recent years, there comes a point where those central banks run out of room to cut -- they can bring interest rates to zero, but reducing them further below that is fraught with problems, the biggest of which is cash in the economy.

        In a new piece, Citi's Willem Buiter looks at this problem, which is known as the effective lower bound (ELB) on nominal interest rates.

        Fundamentally, the ELB problem comes down to cash. According to Buiter, the ELB only exists at all due to the existence of cash, which is a bearer instrument that pays zero nominal rates. Why have your money on deposit at a negative rate that reduces your wealth when you can have it in cash and suffer no reduction?

        Cash therefore gives people an easy and effective way of avoiding negative nominal rates.

        Buiter's note suggests three ways to address this problem:

        1) Abolish currency.

        2) Tax currency.

        3) Remove the fixed exchange rate between currency and central bank reserves/deposits.


        This is their solutions my friends. They cannot control the system anymore and they need to put the clamps down on every form of alternative currency...even currency itself!

        This is the plan of the Bad Guys.

        This is what we will fight against.

      • johnthetaxistjohnthetaxist commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Outlaw Exchanges! Over 300B oz of Silver Derivatives Traded per Year!

        I don't know what more I can do to convince the non-believers that the silver market manipulation is alive and well and run off computer programs and derivatives. I've proven it time and time again over the last 15 years. The latest joke is that Virtu Financial is now going public. This is a company that I exposed way back in January of 2008 with this article:

        Who's the Little Man Behind the Curtain?

        Some takeaways from this article:

        - Virtu Financial was once called EWT, LLC.

        - Virtu Financial is a Bad Guy trading arm in the gold and silver markets on the COMEX using High Frequency Trading tools to manipulate prices.

        - Vincent Viola is the Chairman of Virtu and, much like Bernie Madoff, Viola is an ex-Exchange Chairman of the NYMEX and left the exchange at the same time that Madoff left as Chairman of the NASDAQ.

        - The co-founder of EWT, LLC was David Salomon - a protege of Robert Rubin at Goldman Sachs while he was marketing the Central Bank gold and silver leasing scam.

        Check out this interview about the company from their own mouth...

        Did you catch that?

        "We trade over 5 Million times a day."

        Luckily, Zerohedge has been all over them exposing the obvious issues with High Frequency Trading...

        Virtu Explains Why It Lost Money On Just One Trading Day In 6 Years

        Even the mainstream media is floating the idea...

        Dear CFTC: This Is The Market Manipulating "Spoofing" Taking Place In The E-Mini Just Today

        The reality is exactly as Chris Powell of GATA put it a few years back..."There are no free markets anymore."

        On the bright note...the fact that Vitru is urgently trying to cash out by going public is another clear sign that the end game is close at hand,

        Hang tight!

      • johnthetaxistjohnthetaxist commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Clif High's Latest Interview

        There is always room to get smarter about "the meaning of life" and there is no better teacher then our good friend Clif High. Here's his latest interview in which he talks about his predictive linguistics program, the nature of reality and a topic I cover briefly in my book...the need to experience adversity in order to grow. (Warning: you may have to listen to it 4-5 times in order to grasp all the concepts here!)

      • jesse jamesjesse james commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        You're a freaken joke JTT.
        It just goes to show you that LM doesnt work...its a fallacy!
        If he redeemed then by legal purposes that money cannot be taxable....but the IRS just walked all over LM as if it doesnt matter.....and it didnt.

        You're a silly fool JTT....silly!!

      • johnthetaxistjohnthetaxist commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Have you heard about "Operation Invadethe Helm" ?

        Apparently lots of disinfo agents have invaded the internet forums, especially those dealing with escaping the bankers' income tax scam. They try to blend in but of course they don't really. They're easy to spot - they stick out like a sore thumb.

        Very comical. One even says he demanded LAWFUL MONEY all year, and then when it came time to make an accounting of the estate on the 1040 return to the IRS, he consented to treat all the LM as Title 26 income. As taxable income! A nice demonstration of "How to choke at Winning." Very comical.

      • BrainySmurf76BrainySmurf76 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Jay, your disinformation is revealing. We know the truth especially after reverse engineering your postings (droppings).

      • johnthetaxistjohnthetaxist commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Bix Weir, founder of Road to Roota is back -- and stay tuned until the very end for a special surprise from Bix.

        JP Morgan is acquiring physical silver in staggering amounts. According to Ted Butler's research, JPM is still short on the Comex (to drive paper prices down) but they are massively long on PHYSICAL silver to the tune of roughly 350 MILLION OUNCES which JPM has taken delivery of over the recent past. Bix says, "Don't forget they are the custodian of the SLV silver etf. It might also be that they have been ponying up false numbers in SLV and are having to load up the coffers because something very big is coming down the line."

        Our conversation soon turns to Christine Lagarde, her magic number 7 speech and the seven year cycle of the Shemitah.

        Bix says, "We've got to remember who runs this financial system and who has the power to pull the plug. And it is these elite bankers such as Christine Lagarde. And obviously her speech about the magic number 7 was eluding to the Shemitah and the 7-year cycle… But this year the Shemitah is the seventh 7-year cycle so it's an even bigger one, and according to the powers that be in the Jewish religion, this is the year of jubilee where all debts are forgiven… they could very easily pull the plug right around that time of September of 2015, so that's the reason to look out for this coming September and for other reasons."

      • BrainySmurf76BrainySmurf76 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Good morning johnTT & jesse james from Denver Colorado. It's a beautiful morning here. Continue the debate as JohnTT clearly is in denial.

      • jesse jamesjesse james commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        That guy is from Lost Horizons way before going to stsc.
        Nope....dont do drugs.....but you're still in denial.

      • jesse jamesjesse james commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Poor JTT's dreams are crashing down into a pile of rubble.

        Seems like just yesterday he was posting on STSC and gleefully standing tall on redeeming.
        Now its just a memory as the LM shit is hitting the fan.

      • jesse jamesjesse james commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        A suitor just received a 3176 letter using offset LM (the JTT style of lm return).

        Not all of it was redeemed so it was an offset which JTT promoted before being banned.
        Smatter JTT

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